Valplast Has Simplified The Process of Fabricating Removable Partial Dentures.

Valplast Innovation + Digital Precision


The introduction of digital technologies to the dental industry has been providing dentists and dental technicians with new equipment, processes and materials for decades. Until now, those technologies were limited to fixed prosthetics and seldom used for removable prosthetics. With Precise-Fit™ from Valplast, we’re giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘trial dentures’. Now, Valplast® dentures can be designed and blocked-out from any digital scan or .stl file and output to a unique printed base that can be tried into the patient’s mouth. The resulting design is printed using a proprietary flexible resin at our 3D Print Center in New York.


Valplast Craftsmanship


All Precise-Fit™ partial denture baseplates from Valplast are designed by expert Valplast technicians at the Valplast headquarters in Westbury, NY. This unique service allows Valplast technicians and prescribing dentists to draw upon our decades of experience in designing fully functional, aesthetic partial dentures in Valplast® for virtually any partial denture case. With a Precise-Fit™ baseplate from Valplast, the dentist can evaluate not only the jaw relation and tooth arrangement, but also preview the actual fit of the final restoration before processing, saving labs and doctors valuable time and money and reducing the need for adjustments.

Increased Lab Productivity


When the Precise-Fit™ baseplate is returned to the lab after trial placement, it may be processed immediately without the need for duplicating the master cast, rearticulating duplicate models, transferring of the denture teeth to a duplicate model, or final waxing. The blockout and relief that was designed digitally is taken into account along with any adjustments made to the trial base by the dentist. The resulting denture requires significantly less time to fit and finish, saving the laboratory valuable time and money.

Digital Prescription Form



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